Wife No Fun

nag nag nag nag

About July 31, 2008

My name is Jen, and I am no fun. This is my website.

I was born in Arkansas and now live in the Inland Northwest region of the United States. I met and married my husband James at age nineteen in Las Vegas one night when I just didn’t feel like going home. Because I still lived at my parent’s house. We eloped the old fashioned way and no one was invited. There was also no wedding reception, to the chagrin of many. 

The name “Wife No Fun” originated because my husband used to say “oh, you’re no fun.” Then I eloped with him.  We have been married three and some years now, and things are still good.

James and I are students who work. While I will not tell you the nature of what I do to keep the mortgage paid, I will happily bitch to you about attending school full time. I am a business administration major who might get her MBA sometime in the next two decades. After all, I have been in school for four years and do not yet have a batchelor’s degree. Slacker much? I attend junior college and may even finish my AS some time before I turn thirty. The excitement is overwhelming.

I am also extremely snarky. I am also a bitch, and sometimes I combine the two for an awesome snarky bitch effect. Besides being as sarcastic as possible, I also love left-field humor, so expect anything. I photograph everything and my pictures fall into two realms:”funny” or “decent.” I use a Canon Digital Rebel Xti that I bought in 2007 named Steve. He is my baby. I also enjoy bad TV and snacks of all types.